General Status, 5/15/03


As of 5/16, we have not begun shipping standard tubelings for this year. All orders for bare-root dormant tubelings have been shipped, and we are sold out of those until next Spring.

While we had some record heat in April, which helped the plants grow faster for a bit, since then we've been having lots of cloudy/rainy/drizzly days, which have put the plants behind schedule.

We expect to start the year's shipping next week; around May 20. Remember, we ship orders in the order received, which means the folks who paid for their plants last Fall will get their orders first.

We normally ship plants on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so the plants will not wind up sitting in a box somewhere over weekends.

New, 5/14/03! A way to check the status of your order!

We're sorry it's taken so long for us to make this happen; it's just another aspect of the overload here. But, finally, we have a way for you to find out:

Send us an email at

We'll try to get these handled daily, and because we can do email at whatever moment we have free, there's an outstanding chance that we'll get your email answered long before we can get a phone call returned.

Please allow us at least 2 working days to get back to you, though, as it often happens we may be out of town, or up to our ears in alligators.

This is also the email address to use for: