Wreaths by Meg!  

     Decorative pine cone wreaths can be made to suit any room or occasion. They can be used to add interest and charm to any decor or as special holiday decorations. These wreaths are made entirely of dry materials, and with reasonable care can last many years.

Heart wreath, Victorian theme

Round wreath, Christmas theme

Round wreath, Harvest theme

The pine cones and chestnut burrs in these wreaths are grown locally without pesticides. Only our Wreaths by Meg include real chestnut burrs in their decoration.

wreath burr closeup

Wreaths by Meg are custom made to order, in almost any color choice and style. Each is a unique artistic expression that will be a part of your home and holidays for years to come.

About the Pine Cones & Chestnut Burrs

The cones and burrs used in these wreaths are all gathered on Badgersett Farm. The pine trees were originally part of a Christmas tree plantation and the burrs come from our own hybrid chestnut fields.

These cones and burrs have never been sprayed with pesticides or fungicides. The additional decorations used in the wreaths are FDA certified non-toxic. Pets and children can be safe from chemicals when these wreaths are used as a decoration.

Chestnut burrs are both proverbially prickly, and surprisingly soft. They are like both fire and ice, as some friends say. The burr spines can be very prickly-sharp, but the inside "burr fur" that cushions the chestnuts is positively silky . The burrs make a fascinating study in contrasts.

burr closeup 2

Together the cones and burrs create a look that can only be found in Wreaths by Meg!


Shapes, Sizes & Decoration

Wreaths by Meg come in two shapes, a variety of sizes and almost unlimited decorations. All of which can be arranged to make your perfect wreath.

The wreath shapes available are round and heart shaped. There are several sizes of round forms from 10 inches in diameter to 20. Larger sizes are available for special order. Heart forms only come in two sizes, 9 inch and 12 inch.

Decorations are specified by the customer. There are a variety of basic decoration styles listed on the order form which can be altered to fit individual needs and tastes.


Holiday Wreaths

Holiday wreaths are the most popular of the Wreaths by Meg. They make perfect gifts and can be decorated for any holiday or special occasion.

Cone and burr wreaths can be hung indoors or in sheltered locations outdoors, and they stand up excellently to wear. Exposure to rain or snow, however, will shorten their useful life.

The Holiday Medley wreath is similar to the Seasonal Medley wreath. You purchase one wreath and change its decoration style with each of 6 or 8 holidays. This gives you a universal decoration to hang on your door or in your living room which saves space, money and time.


Seasonal Wreaths

These wreaths are designed with the seasons in mind. Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall. Imagine having a summer garden or colorful fall leaves to enjoy in the middle of winter. These wreaths capture your favorite time all year round.

Seasonal wreaths are as uniquely yours as all other Wreaths by Meg. They can be designed with your favorite seasonal motif and colors.

If you find yourself having difficulty deciding which time of year is your favorite, a Seasonal Medley wreath might be the choice for you. These wreaths are designed to be altered as the seasons change. They give you the convenience of owning a single wreath that can be renewed four times a year. Included in the Season Medley Wreath is one wreath form and four seasonal decoration packages in your choice of colors.


 Round Wreaths

 Heart Wreaths

   10 in:            $25.00     9 in:     $30.00
   12 in:            $30.00    12 in:    $35.00
   14 in:            $35.00  
   16 in:            $40.00  
 18-20 in:        $50.00  

Decoration Styles:



 Victorian  Winter
 Natural Winter  Spring
Flowers and Berries  Summer
 Under the Christmas Tree  Fall

Season Medley Wreath:     Additional $ 5 for wreaths under $35 ; Additional $ 10 for wreaths over $35

Holiday Medley Wreath:    Additional $10 for wreaths under $35 ; Additional $15 for wreaths $35 & up

Color Choices: Almost any color scheme can be created for your decoration style. Up to 4 colors per wreath.

Special Orders: Additional wreath sizes and decoration styles can be ordered. Please call with these questions. (507) 743-8570

Shipping: Wreaths can be shipped via UPS or US Mail. Shipping will be charged to customer. Shipping occurs 14 business days after we receive your order.

*Note on shipping: Chestnut burrs must be harvested and dried in the fall. Each year we try to harvest enough burrs for next year's wreath orders. Please indicate if you can wait until late October to receive your wreath so that I can be sure to get everyone's order filled. Waiting until October works very well for Christmas gifts. If you can't wait I will use the burrs I have on hand. Thank you for your understanding.

 Wreath #  Shape  Size  Style  Color  Price  Shipping
 Example:  Round  12 inch  Seasonal Medley  Purple and Green  $30  Parcel Post




Order Form:





Shipping Charges: $2.00 per wreath on all pick-ups-

add $10.00 packing/shipping for orders under $30.00

add $15.00 packing/shipping orders $30-59.00

add $20.00 packing/shipping orders $60.00-89.00

add $25.00 packing/shipping orders $90.00 & up

Orders shipped US Parcel Post unless otherwise specified. Additional charges for Priority Mail, Express Mail and UPS services. Additional costs for these services will be billed to customer.

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Phone Number: __________________________________________


Send Orders to:

	Badgersett Farm 
	Rt. 1 Box 141
	Canton MN, 55922
	Attn: Megan!


Questions? call (507) 743-8570 ; and leave a message letting us know when we can call you back.