This catalog is current and was last updated May 1, 2006.

Shipping Update

May 1, 2006:Due to a combination of flooding, being short on staff, and other factors, bare-root dormant tubelings are shipping later than usual this year. We expect to begin shipping these early in May. We sincerely apologize for the delay!

With regard to our regular tubelings, we anticipate that those will also be shipping later than usual this year, as germination has been unusually slow. Please check the Weblog regularly for updates.

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Badgersett is almost entirely a web-based business; it has been quite a few years since we've put out a paper catalog; all the information we have is here. We may put out paper again in the future; but not this year.

Early Payment Discount-

For orders for the current year, received before March 1; we offer a 5% discount on orders over $1,000, for immediate payment in full, rather than the 50% now, 50% on shipment arrangement. In the current business climate, this saves money for both customer and seller.

"Bare-Root Dormant Tubelings"; both Hazels and Chestnuts.

The usual way to transplant trees is "bare-root dormant" stock; this works poorly for hazels- they usually leaf out before they can be dug in the Spring. Over the last 2 years we've experimented with another transplant pathway- we grow the tubelings in the greenhouse as usual, but then hold them in the greenhouse until February. Then we pull them out of the tubes, cull any weak plants, and store them in our root cellar until Spring.

If you've always wanted to get our plants in the ground earlier than we could provide tubelings, this is the way. They ARE a little more expensive than regular tubelings; because there's more work in producing them. But they are available to ship a couple months before the regular tubelings are ready to go.


(but chestnut plants are still plentiful)


Due to increasing demand, we recommend you order early.

Prices may increase in near future, due to rising oil/shipping costs.

All prices are honored according to when order is placed; we will not increase your prices after you've made your order.

Badgersett Hybrid Hazels

Are multi-generation selections from crosses between wild American and beaked hazels and European hazels. They are bushes, not trees; generally 10-12' tall and 6-8' across at maturity. They may grow slowly for first 1-2 years, while growing deep roots, if neglected or stressed. Plant 3' apart for snow fence, 6' for maximum nut production; "double plant" if you can afford it; you'll wind up with a better planting. Absolutely cold hardy in Zone 4: spring freezes can not affect crop. Try in Zone 3. All are seedlings, so performance will vary; ie., some seedlings of "Large" parents will bear smaller nuts, and vice-versa; about 60% of seedlings strongly resemble the parent. Detailed planting instructions shipped with plants; details also available on our Website, Tubelings ship and are planted from late May through August; Bare-root Dormant Tubelings generally ship April-May.
May 1, 2006: Due to a combination of flooding and being short on staff, bare-root dormant tubelings are shipping later than usual. We expect to begin shipping these early this coming week. We sincerely apologize for the delay!

Guaranteed EFB Resistant Hybrid Hazelnuts

Lifetime replacement guarantee for any that ever die of Eastern Filbert Blight (EFB) (read our guarantee in detail). 6-10" tall, greenhouse grown in "plug" containers. For best results, plant directly into their permanent location.

 Wildlife Quality Hazels

Seedlings from healthy bushes with large crops of nuts smaller than preferred for human consumption, about the size of wild hazels. We do not allow these bushes to shed pollen, so all these were fathered by bushes with larger nuts. First rate wildlife cover and food crop, excellent snow fence or windbreak. A bargain!

1-50 plants-----------$3.43

 Medium-Nut Wildlife Hazels

Either from bushes with nuts just a little smaller than we want for human use, or from bushes which may not be as regularly productive as we like to see; great for wildlife, windbreaks, and snowfence; some of these will bear large nuts and crops

1-50 plants------------$4.06
 Many of our "Wildlife" hazels bear nuts that are actually smaller than wild American hazelnuts, and with thinner shells. These are actually small enough to serve as food for Quail, besides Pheasant, Grouse, Turkey, and everything else under the sun, up to and including Bears. The "Medium-Nut" Wildlife hazels have nuts that will average larger, some big enough to be worth while picking for us humans.

 Medium Nut Hazels

Parents of these meet all our criteria for health and crop performance. The nuts are small for the in-shell market but easily large enough for processing or marketing as cleaned nutmeats. Often very productive.

1-50 plants------------$4.75




Large Nut Hazels

Not as large as the big Oregon nuts, but big enough to sell in-shell. Supply limited!

1-50 plants------------$4.99




 Xtra Large Nut Hazels

The largest nuts of any guaranteed plants we now have available. Some as large as the big Oregon nuts. Supply very limited! Please read "Does Size Matter?" before ordering!!

1-20 plants------------$7.11




 Select Parent Hazels

Select parents available will differ from year to year; these are our very best plants and best parents. Availability is always limited.


 Medium Nut Select Hazel

Our Criteria: First nuts at age 3; consistently high production, excellent kernel characteristics. Often our most productive plants.

1-20 plants------------$6.60



 Large Nut Select Hazel

Our best, most productive Large nut parents

1-20 plants------------$6.70



 Xtra-Large Nut Select Hazel

Please read "Does Size Matter?" on the Website before ordering!!

1-20 plants------------$8.50


 Basically; the Guaranteed Hazels are our Workhorses-

The Experimental Hazels are Racehorse mamas crossed to a Workhorse papa- interesting, but somewhat unpredictable-

We now believe that having SOME EFB in your planting is HIGHLY desirable- it gives the bugs and microbes that attack EFB somewhere to live, among other things. We currently recommend any large planting consist of approximately 30% Experimentals .

 Experimental Hybrid Hazelnuts

We sell these because we feel they are low risk and well worth trying. Not guaranteed against EFB, even though most should prove resistant or "tolerant". These are seedlings from plants in our breeding projects which have superior nut characteristics, but also some known or possible susceptibility to EFB. Never from plants that are severely affected by the disease. Pollen parent must be one of our disease-free hybrids, so these are quite promising, and many will outperform their parents. If you are seriously interested in establishing your own hazel fields for nut production, you should consider some of these for the increased genetic diversity, and the excellent chance that some of these will be very superior producers. We plant thousands of these ourselves!

 Prices are exactly the same as for the corresponding class of our Guaranteed EFB Resistant Hybrids. Please specify:

Exp-Medium Nut

Exp-Large Nut

Exp-Xtra-Large Nut


We originally considered any trace of EFB as reason to classify a plant as "Experimental; however, we now have plants with consistent excellent health and excellent crops- and a consistent tiny amount of EFB- for 10 years. Some of these are among our very best producers, and the EFB is clearly of no importance.

Select Exp-Medium

Select Exp Large






Bare-Root Dormant Tubeling Hybrid Hazelnuts-

Our regular "tubelings" are a tried and true path to getting your hazel fields off and running; but we still have customers in very hot climates who sometimes wish they could plant sooner. We've done extensive planting of the regular tubelings in Mid July, and right through August; including plantings made at 8 AM on days with no clouds and temperatures in the 90's, with no problems. Really.

But if you live in a seriously hot or dry place, it might be nice to be able to plant in early spring- just as folks have been doing with regular "bare-root dormant" trees for years. Starting this year, we are offering "Bare-Root Dormant TUBELINGS" for sale. We've tested them over the last 2 seasons, and are satisfied they perform as well as our regular stock.

They ARE a little more expensive; because they take 5 months more work for us to grow. But they might be a good answer for anyone in truly hot climates, or someone whose schedule won't let them loose later in the season.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY- 2006 availability will be EXTREMELY limited, due to seed shortage in 2004 and 05. As of 10/05, we are unable to predict either numbers or kinds.


Price: Add 50¢/plant to the prices listed.


Badgersett Hybrid Chestnuts -

Are multi-generation selections from crosses between American, Chinese, Japanese, European, and Seguin chestnuts. They are quite variable in size and form- ranging from large bushes to very large robust trees. Our breeding project was started with the most blight resistant trees we could find, and we have made test plantings in Alabama and China- Brandon Rutter has just returned from China, where he visited our planting there, and he confirms that the great majority of the trees are thriving and being harvested, though blight is everywhere. We offer seedlings from our best plants, categorized as "tree", "nut", or "all purpose" Be aware that these hybrid chestnut seedlings are not as predictable in their performance as the hybrid hazels are; but the "tree" types will tend to grow as forest trees; the "nut" types tend to bear heavy crops of nuts and make smaller trees; and the "all purpose" types are from parents with a record of making a big tree, and pretty good crops of nuts...

Absolutely cold hardy in Zone 5; for trial in zone 4; we guarantee these are the most cold hardy chestnuts on the market anywhere. Detailed planting instructions shipped with plants; full details also available on our Website, Tubelings ship and are planted from May 15 through August; Bare-root Dormant Tubelings ship April-May. We expect to produce > 10,000 tubelings this year: Availability is excellent.

Badgersett Hybrid Chestnuts

While seedlings will be variable, the majority will resemble the type stated. We only sell seedlings from TESTED parents- Our parent trees have proven hardy, healthy, and productive, for 30 years; with test winters of -40°F (that's 40 below 0). Parenting ability is also TESTED and PROVEN for 15 years; these seedlings will perform.

Only our very best parents. Please indicate your preference for Nut-type, Tree-type, or All-Purpose. Seedling performance is not as predictable as our hazels, but better than others.

All chestnuts-

1-20 plants----------$5.65





Planting Dibbles

Sorry, but we do not offer these any longer. They are still made, and if you are convinced you need one, we'll post a source on the Web. Basically, we've found them to be of limited value; and a little tricky to use; best for very rocky soils; poor in sand or clay.

Plant Breeding ID's

Many of our hazels and chestnuts are grown (for our own use) with the information about their specific breeding line. In past years, we've often automatically included that information with your order. However, in our business review, this was a process they "chewed us out" about again- it's very time consuming, and hence expensive. We will continue to provide that information if you specifically request it; but we must add a charge for the service, of $20/1000 plants. Just check the box on the order form.

Badgersett T Shirts!

Hanes "Beefy-T" all cotton; Red or Grey; these have our smiling Badger, our name, and the very true phrase;


"The Future Of The World Is Nuts!"


T Shirt- state size and color-----$14.85 (this is the correct price. not what is on the t shirt page)


Our Plant Guarantees

We frequently modify our guarantees to ensure the success of you, our customers, and us. Please be sure that you read and understand our guarantees in their entirety before placing your order! Read the plant guarantees...

About Substitutions:

Since we always have some categories that run out early, your chances of having your order filled will be greatly increased if you signify that you are willing to accept substitutions. We'll send equal or better quality, and nothing we wouldn't plant ourselves.

Hazel Primer

Everything we can think of that you might possibly want to know about growing hybrid hazels, and the developing crop and industry. NOT CURRENTLY SHIPPING. A new edition is in the works; which will arrive on CD. It will be worth the wait; if you haven't already received the one you ordered, we'll be shipping you a CD. We do, alas, have to raise the price a tad.


Hazel Primer, post paid-------$15.00

Early Payment Discount- March 1 cut-off.

Our standard "terms" include the option for customers with orders over $1,000 to pay half at the time of the order, and half on delivery; pretty standard business.

Orders made before March 1 are entitled to a 5% Discount on plant prices, if the entire payment is made at the time of the order. Saves us both money. Just calculate and subtract; (before shipping costs and tax).

NOT available for any plant orders made after March 1; (if any plants remain available) - basically, after March 1 is no longer "early", expenses associated with production are already underway.