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Calendar and Events

This Calendar is NOT just for Badgersett Corporation events. It is intended to serve both as notice of events and as a planning aid to help all interested parties avoid conflicts. Please email us your relevant events, with accompanying contacts information, and we'll be happy to include them here.

2005 has been crazy busy- shorter of help than usual, with new baby and slow-healing broken wrist to deal with- Plenty going on, just no time to write about it-


US 52  through Preston MN is torn up and closed; we recommend driving through Lanesboro instead of trying to follow the official detours.



August 20, Saturday. Badgersett Annual Field Day, Canton, Minnesota

All day; public welcome. Tours start at 10 AM, and run until 5 PM. Visitors are welcome to either join a tour or wander and investigate on their own. Wear your walking shoes! Go to "Main Page" to find the "Road Map" that will show you how to get here.

This is an excellent year to observe the hazel crop. We have many hazels with very heavy crops, and they are ripening fast now. The chestnut trees are showing a spectacular crop, though they will not be ripe until late September.

Weather permitting, we'll run a machine planting demonstration in the mid afternoon.

We are unable to provide lunch on site this year; but visitors are welcome to bring a picnic. Our Amish friends will be selling some baked goods, as well as baskets and quilts.